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REIGNbow ReNEWed YOU-niversity!

Let's explore Scripture and creatively express understanding with literature, media arts, performing arts, and visual arts.

Learn RRU


The BIBLE in 1-2-3

As students, YOU-niversity is accessible anywhere there is
internet access. Our course is a year-round learning experience. Every Sunday . . .

  1. We’ll post Scripture and an assignment.
  2. You’ll read the Scripture
  3. You’ll complete the assignment.
  4. We’ll share constructive feedback. 

At YOU-niversity, we learn the WORD and express it creatively -- TOGETHER!



In a traditional Church setting, most ministers preach the WORD. You may or may not fully understand the message. Our instructor and minister, Pamela Robinson Smith, teaches the WORD for easy understanding.

Her lessons and Arts-related assignments cater to diverse learning styles. Each week, she'll base her instruction on a Old Testament and a New Testament Scripture.


OPEN Your Mind & Soul

Our study is not your Momma's Bible Study, because we leverage technology, real-life experiences, and creative assignments. The course is 52 weeks long with 52 lessons. You can join at anytime and access previous lessons.

Would YOU give $4.25 for a weekly church donation?
When you enroll in YOU-niversity, we'll pray, praise, and carefully study the Bible together. The monthly tuition is $16.95, which equals about $4.25 per week. It's easy to pay here.

Let's Begin

Ready 2 ENROLL?

Step 1:

COMPLETE the form. We'll email the course instructions.

Step 2:

PAY your tuition at www.itsrenewed.net and SELECT "The Word".

Once you get a receipt, move to Step 3.

Step 3:

FOLLOW instructions to participate in the lesson of the week.